Sunday, 16 March 2008


... continuing the concept of 'ques' but on a verbal level, I was listening to a conversation on a train trip this friday on my way to a conference:

After a prolonged chat between the three regarding American tourist's reason for being in the UK, they passed very swiftly through politics ('Do black people have the vote in America?')... and moved on to religion...

Northern bloke #1: Are you religious?
American tourist: Yeah, I'm a baptist
Northern bloke #1: Oh yeah, that is like catholic isn't it?
Northern bloke #2: Nah mate, you're getting confused, he's Jewish... [to American tourist] You're Jewish right?
Northern bloke #1: Ahh... I always get those ones confused
American tourist: Urm... no I'm protestant...
Northern blokes #1 & 2: Eh?