Sunday, 13 January 2008

Panic and procrastination

I've been working on my first lecture today and kept finding myself going around in circle... where do you start designing a course where you have no idea how to even begin... Plus on top of that I'm having nightmarish day dreams where my class hates me. Not good.

Besides that, it is actually fun to go through material I haven't looked at in a while, its interesting what bits you do remember. And it is nice to do something other than PhD work - then again, any form of procrastination is fun...

Which brings me on to my other problem, how do I stop messing about? I'm finding that I'm spending more and more time on the net these days, looking at web-comics, tv reviews, other blogs, news websites, online games... and even off the net I'm time wasting - seriously, I'm up to £10,000/points on the Las Vegas version of solitaire (one of the options on the Microsoft Windows version)... very sad but better than trying to re-read chapter three of the thesis for the umpteenth time.