Sunday, 13 January 2008

Maltspot: Iverarity 10 yr Old Speyside & 8 yr Old Islay

One of the wonderful things about where I live is that there are two very good pubs nearby which offer a good selection of whisky.

One of the other benefits is that they always have one on offer as 'Malt of the Month', so I thought I would start recording what I've been trying.

The current two on offer are both Inverarity, a sort of independent bottling company that provides a variety of whiskys from different areas.

The first is a 10 year old Speyside, the other an 8 year old Islay and both lovely if a bit different.

The Speyside is very floral, with a honeyish quality and slight tang of peat/seaweed. If you like Mead then this may be a good whisky to try, in some ways it also resembles a Glenkinchie but is a tad more flavourful.

The Islay is unlike any other Islay I know, very smooth yet still smoky and peaty. I've heard it described as a sort of Islay-Light which seems apt to me. I adore the raw peatiness of the Islay so was surprised to find that I liked this awfully refined version of it.