Sunday, 16 December 2007

The Shed of Unspeakableness

Although I've now finished with the job, there are still some bizarre things that I would like to share.

Starting with the fact that during all the time I was working there no-one could explain why there was a rather large red shed plonked in the middle of the open-plan office.The shed had maps of various parts of the UK pinned to it, and inside a Fussball table and a lot of boxes. For the first couple of weeks I was there, it was locked - but it seems to be only lockable from the inside. The only thing I can think of is that a demented executive lost the plot and decided to give up life within the confines of the shed.

Then it was open one day - and since there was no strange smells - I think it safe to assume that no-one had used the shed for a final resting place. The funniest thing was that everyone I asked as to why there was a shed in the office, all acted really skittishly - just generally rather paranoid - plus they all sort of froze and twitched while they talked about it...

I wonder how many Christmas parties will end up in it... its far more innovative than a photocopier (actually maybe that is it - people have used it for non-office purposes...)