Sunday, 17 February 2008


Ten things you don't know about me... as tagged by theraaa.

Now where to begin:

1. I'm a technology junkie, I crave shiny things - even scarier is that I can actually work them.

2. I have done a lot of things that I wouldn't do now, but even so I do not regret them.

3. The only time in my life I would ever wear a burkha is if it would allow me to visit Mount Athos.

4. When I was younger all I ever wanted to do was horse ride, but when I was 17 the riding stables sold my favourite horse to a knacker's yard and I lost the passion for it at that point.

5. I have a phobia about dying, the whole thought of not existing freaks me out.

6. I occasionally dream in German or other languages, not that it makes any sense, just random words keep popping into my head.

7. I've managed to stay friends (and good friends at that) with pretty much everyone I've had a relationship or fling with (I can think of only exception, and he stalked me after the break-up).

8. I have at least forty pairs of shoes, and over 20 handbags... I'm addicted.

9. I never wanted to go to University, now I'm finishing up a PhD... go figure.

And last but not least 10. I tend not to talk about music because my taste in it is bad by the standards of other people.